Moshoeshoe’s Day (countrywide- Maseru, Lesotho)

Lesotho celebrates Moshoeshoe’s Day to commemorate the death of the country’s founder on March 11, 1870. Moshoeshoe is regarded both as a great diplomat and a great leader in Lesotho. He worked for the preservation of his country’s language, art, and culture through the documentation he made with European missionaries using the Sesotho language.




Africa Beer Festival – Maseru, Lesotho

An experience where beer and people meet, don’t only feel it going down your throat, intimately interact with it.

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17 Kings Birthday

The King’s birthday, a public holiday celebrated annually on July 17th, is a major cultural event in Lesotho, where the royal family is a symbol of unity amid political strife.



The Lesotho Sky ( | Roma Trading Post – Lesotho

The Most Spectacular Mountain Bike Race in the Southern Hemisphere. Come and experience Lesotho – The Kingdom in the Sky.


Morija Arts and Cultural Festival | Morija – Lesotho

The Morija Arts and Cultural Festival is one of the most popular festivals in Lesotho, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the country. The festivities include music, dances and theatrical performances. The Morija Arts and Cultural Festival is also one of the important attractions in the country that attracts thousands of visitors.

The Morija Arts and Cultural Festival showcases both traditional and contemporary Basotho culture with displays of music, dance, theatre and film at a variety of venues in Morija, including Morija Museum and the Thabeng Football Grounds.


Ba Re Ene Re

Ba Re Ene Re is a literature festival dedicated to promoting the culture of reading + creative writing in Lesotho.



Indepence Day | 4th of October


Maseru Urban Road Challenge | Maseru, Lesotho

Maseru Urban Road Challenge is a race meant to instill the culture of running in Lesotho while attracting foreign athletes or athletics enthusiasts.


Soaring Eagle Mountain Run | AfriSki, Lesotho

2 Day Mountain Run of 48km at an altitude between 2000m and 3300m in the Maluti mountains. Stay at AfriSki Resort and get spoiled each evening after an awesome run on the highest areas of Southern Africa. Eat at Sky, the highest restaurant in Southern Africa.

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Kome Beer Festival

The Kome Caves Beer Festival was launched in 2013 to promote Kome Village and attract tourists. With the help of sponsors, the organisers intend to brand the Kome Cave village as Lesotho’s premier tourist destination through a world-renowned event recognized as one of the best and unique beer festivals in the world, boasting the best beer brewers in Southern Africa and internationally.



Roof of Africa | Maseru, Lesotho

2 – 5 December

The Roof of Africa, held in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho is considered to be one of the absolute toughest off-road endurance events in the world, attracting the world’s best Xtreme Enduro competitors to take on the challenge.

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High Altitude Summer Marathon – Maseru, Lesotho

The Marathon is a very challenging event even for the most seasoned marathon runner, and yet at the same time affords an invigorating course for the keen athlete. The course, which takes the runners through picturesque villages and amazing mountain views, is done on flat asphalt and gravel roads. It is marked by steep ascents and descents.


Tourism Jazz Festival

The Tourism Jazz Festival is one of the most popular events in Lesotho. It features popular musicians and jazz artists from Southern Africa – backed by local artists.

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